Launching Esports into Web 3.0

World’s Largest Web 3.0 Esports Engagement Platform.


The single biggest venue for esport fan engagement.

White Glove Web 3.0 services

Enter Web 3.0 with our white glove esports strategy and go to market services. We make it easy for teams to utilize the benefits of Web 3.0 technology to engage with their fans from anywhere in the world – in new and exciting ways.


NFT Marketplace

Trade your teams’ NFTs on the largest esports centric NFT marketplace in the world. Built on an easy-to-use blockchain — Polygon Network, we make it easy to adopt web 3.0. With Yesports each team will get their own unique NFT storefront for their fans.


Utility-first NFTs

Unlock innovative engagement possibilities that allow you to interact with your favorite esport teams in both the physical and digital worlds. Yesports NFT membership cards, generative NFT access packs and rare one of a kind collectibles grant users a range of exclusive utility to each team, including major esports events, signed merch, gaming sessions, equipment and much more.


Private team metaverse

Step into our esports centric metaverse and support your favorite team by participating in a full range of esports related activities, live streams and exclusive team events. Deck out your fully customisable avatar in your esports teams colours as you explore the Metaverse, accessing a whole host of engagement based reward systems.


Powered by $YESP

Yesports is powered by the YESP token. YESP holders receive a host of benefits including; access to platform NFT marketplace discounts, rare NFT drops, staking and rewards, and voting and governance rights.


The Yesports journey ahead

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